In 2014, I surveyed a collection of individuals, including business owners, slowpreneurs, and people who fell into neither of those categories. The survey was a simple word association survey on a few different phrases related to entrepreneurship and business.

My hypothesis was that people's perceptions of startups, work/life balance, etc would skew negative due to the demands of today's dominate entrepreneurial culture.

Beginning with the first image, the hypothesis seems to hold. Interestingly, people also responded with what they cared about most: family, life, and love.

Work/Life Balance

Slowpreneur Conclusion

While the hypothesis was partially on track, it seems that the perception of startups and entrepreneurs is not negative, but actually quite positive: wealthy and exciting. Starting a new business is of course exciting, but it doesn't have to be gruelling.

The bonus image below is the perception of a Slowpreneur. Clearly, there is some work to be done (lazy, confused, poor), but people's perceptions change, and Slowpreneurs combine the positive perceptions of entrepreneurs and startups with the goal to avoid the negative pitfalls during one's work week and work/life balance.

Best of both worlds? Maybe. Can you still be successful? Absolutely... it just make take longer, and that's okay.

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